KJ Cardinal Photography

Everything I cherish most in my life has come from following my heart, so here I am, starting my own photography business to capture meaningful moments. What began as a hobby aimed at giving positive publicity to my hometown high school has now spawned into a deep passion of mine that has come to define me in some ways.

I'm a wear-my-heart-on-my-sleeve type of guy and I want nothing more than for my photography to be personified that way. While I am most known for my sports photography, I like to think it isn't just because I capture beautifully composed action shots, but also because I get to know the back story and often find a way to make these sports moments personal. This has also carried over into my recent love affair with portrait work. To me photography is more than just capturing an image, it's telling a story, with an eye on its significance in time that makes it truly special.

This may come from my background as a Journalism major and History minor at Northeastern University as I have always found myself telling a story and have a deep appreciation for the historical significance of the moment. So, feel free to reach out (kjcardinal@gmail.com) to let me know what story I can help you tell.

Thanks for stopping by.

- KJ

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